KH2FI Allstar on RPi2 notes (work in progress)

I am creating this page as sort of a place to keep notes on setting up Allstar on the Raspberry Pi 2. Running allstar on the RPi2 is pretty cool and pretty simple to setup compared to my first Alstar system wich was the Acid release.I would like to thank the many people who have shared thier knowledge of Asterisk and Allstar with me and have been kind enough ot help us out in seeting up our systems. The first person who got me interested in Allstar was Jim Kehler, KH2D (sk). We had an Echolink system setup so we could keep in touch accross the country. Jim was also my Elmer and taught me many things that I would have otherwise probably never been interested in. Jim helped me setup my first Allstar node about 3 years ago. Jim heard about Allstar from a good friend of his, Ken Hoppe, KH7R. Ken has since not only become a friend but a valuable source of information on many things includng Allstar. Ken has helped me out on numerous occations when I got stuck on a problem. And finally Doug Crompton, WA3DSP. Thanks to him and his group Allstar is working on a small computer the size of an Altoids tin, the Raspberry Pi 2.

With that being said, this is a work in progress. I will update links as I get more of my notes compiled. I will probably put other Ham related stuff here too as time goes by. So, Keep on enjoying this wonderful hobby and continue to make new friends...On the Air and In Person.


73s, Mani - KH2FI